call to prayer

I just realized that I should probably explain the call to prayer that I’ve mentioned in a few posts already- thanks for the idea, Mom and Anna! Basically, Muslims are supposed to pray five times a day. Mosques will have somebody perform the call to prayer each time. It’s not always broadcast throughout the area, but most major mosques usually do. It’s kind of like a church ringing its bells on Sunday morning, but in this case the big prayer is on Friday afternoon.

The call is in Arabic, and repeats a few main ideas: God is the greatest, there is no god but God, etc. I’ve heard that it’s supposed to sum up the major tenets of Islam as a reminder before prayer. Again, I’m a big supporter of Wikipedia and strongly recommend looking it up: [] That can explain it better than I would be able to- I just listen to it!

Here are a few pretty good examples from YouTube. The first one has English translations, although my friend Alex prefers to just interpret it as an extended way of saying “get your butt to prayer!” The second one shows how different mosques have different sounds- the muezzin (person who performs the call) in this one has a really nice voice. Enjoy!


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