where in the world is the egyptian consulate?

My call log right now: the Department of State, Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles City Council, Consulate Corps, the Egyptian Embassy in DC, and multiple other Egyptian Consulates nationwide. All in an effort to track down a phone number and/or address for the new Consulate in Los Angeles. I swear it doesn’t (and is never going to) exist.

At the very least, I can get a visa once I land in Cairo. My other option is to send my forms and passport to another consulate in the US (New York, Chicago, etc.), but with only three weeks until departure, sending my passport across the nation makes me kinda nervous. After discussing this with my dad, we decided that I’d rather have my passport when I go to the airport on the 24th than have my visa. Makes sense, right?

I’m flying down to LA today, then driving up to Santa Barbara for one last “see you later” visit. The LA trip was originally supposed to include a trip to the new consulate, but seeing as it’s playing hide-and-go-seek with me at the moment, I’ll settle for dinner with Thuy. I can always drive back down to LA later this month if I track down an address. Wish me luck!


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