twenty-seven days and counting

I have officially:

  • registered for housing (crossing my fingers for zamalek)
  • enrolled in 3 out of 5 classes
  • purchased more neutral-colored, conservative clothing than I know what to do with
  • completed all health clearances and certification classes

Still on the to-do list:

  • finish finding classes- for some reason, I’m finding it ridiculously difficult to maneuver through AUC’s online class catalog, not to mention the fact that I still don’t completely understand how semester class units are equivalent to my quarter-system requirements.
  • figure out how I’m getting from the airport to my housing
  • get my visa! As of 24 hours ago, I was planning on stopping by the Egyptian Consulate in San Francisco to apply before dropping my sister off for a haircut. Luckily, I re-visited their website one last time to double-check the address, only to find a notification that the entire Consulate had relocated to Los Angeles 8 days ago due to “popular demand”. Awesome. This morning, I swung by the building anyways in hopes of finding a sympathetic Egyptian willing to sneak me a visa, but was immediately turned away by a large, stern man. At least I got to practice saying “thank you” in Arabic?

These last few weeks at home have been pretty productive, but for every minute I spend daydreaming about the pyramids, I’m consequently reminded of more things I’ll be missing out on right here. Similarly, for every few things I check off the to-do list, 10 more seem to magically appear. Can I just go already??


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